Simplify The Complicated
Benefits Architecture

Insurance along with the evaluation, development, management and coordination of all plans & products are more complex than ever before. At Preferred Benefit Specialists (PBS) we have a team of the best people in the industry we call “Benefit Architects” to help take the stress out of these complexities for you. We can build your health plan, section 125, risk reduction plan, workers compensation, ancillary benefits and much more. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo any longer; call us today to discuss options that may be available.

Medical Products

Fully Insured
PBS has products from traditional fully insured carriers across PA. Our Benefits Architects can develop the right plan for groups as small as 2 to mid and large groups.

Quality products from:
• Aetna
• Geisinger
• Highmark
• United Healthcare

Self Funded/Level Funding
For groups of 20 and up, this new product has all the look and feel of a traditional health plan but with the flexibility and data of a self insured plan typically reserved for the large case market. We can tailor a plan for your business with this product; combined with an extensive PPO Network to achieve maximum savings and keep care local.

Large Group Self–Insured
If you are an employer of 100 or over we can meet your needs. Our Benefits Architects, along with the PPO Network and TPA affiliates can build you a total package that will outperform your current fully insured plan hands down. Regardless if your business is local, regional or multi-location we can develop a plan for you.


We at PBS can assist you in understanding the confusion that often occurs to those who are becoming and are eligible for Medicare.

• How Medicare works
• Understanding the various enrollment periods
• Screen for money saving Assistance Programs
• Medicare Advantage
• Medicare Supplement (Medigap)
• Part D (Prescription Coverage)

Our clients leave our office feeling confident they have made the correct decision about their Medicare coverage and have piece of mind knowing they have someone to speak with when they have any questions.

Money Saving Opportunities

Direct Pay Primary Care
Direct Pay Primary Care Practices are an alternative to the traditional fee-for-service practice of the physician and patient encounter. The advantage to offering access to a Direct Pay Primary Care Practice is a flat fee is paid monthly to the provider for access to unlimited primary care services that may include lab services, telemedicine-specialty medicine, a registered dietician, acute care medications and much more. There is never anything billed to the patient or any insurance for services received at the Direct Pay Primary Care practice. This model eliminates any barrier to care that my exist because there are no additional copays, deductibles, or coinsurance amounts ever charged to the member over and above the monthly fee that is paid to the provider.

Alternative Medicine Referral System
PBS understands the importance of alternative health sources to help you achieve good health. We have created a network of trusted holistic health practitioners who are willing to offer discounts to our PBS clients. Contact us for more information about massage practitioners, hypnotherapists, naturopaths, Reiki, aroma therapists and private pay Physical Therapists who can help you attain your optimal health goals.

Risk Reduction Programs & Wellness
A true risk reduction program targets the top medical conditions most costly to treat. Risk factors are identified, properly measured and professionally managed in order to effectively reduce the effects on the employee and reduce the associated costs to the bottom line of the company.

Business Insurances & General Liability

Through some strategic alliances we at PBS have put together the best team of business insurance professionals in the region. The opportunity for you to have the best tailored coverage’s at the best price is now available like never before.

Worker Compensation

PBS has products from UPMC Work Partners and access to all the major workers compensation carriers in PA. Workers compensation coverage must be reviewed each year to ensure the best product and best price are in place because not all compensation carriers are created equal.


COBRA administration is not just for employers with 20 or more full-time employees in PA. “Mini-Cobra” is still in effect for groups from 2 to 20 and you do not want to be out of compliance. PBS has direct relationships with industry leaders who provide complete and comprehensive administrative services for COBRA. Do not try and fend for yourself with COBRA management in today’s world, call us.

Ancillary Benefits

The use of ancillary benefits to enhance employee and individual insurance options is not just for accident coverage anymore. Quality products to cover deductibles, life, STD, LTD are proven to close the gap many have with their major coverage. These products can be at a low cost and are a big help to have piece of mind at no extra cost to employers.

Short Term & Long Term Disability

We have access to the nation’s leading companies who offer STD & LTD coverage for both individual and group; along with the experts who can walk everyone through the plans. Small and large businesses, professionals and sole proprietors should never go without this coverage.

Dental & Vision

PBS can provide you with both group and individual coverage direct from the carriers or in concert with your health plan providers.

Life Insurance

We have access to top quality group and individual life carriers and the experts to help take the confusion out of the selection and purchase process.

And much more

Section 125