We are here for you providing service and quality insurance options to keep individuals and businesses healthy. We personally take the time to build long term relationships that our clients have come to appreciate over generations. Let us take the time to learn more about you by scheduling an appointment to discuss your challenges and needs. Customized programs are our specialty at Preferred Benefit Specialists.


Delta Health

We depend on Preferred Benefit Specialist employees to understand and anticipate changes in the benefits market. As a partner, our expectation is that they will help to keep us competitive and compliant while also being prudent with finances. I prefer to maintain our company focus on our core business while allowing Preferred Benefit Specialist provide options and guide us.

– Bryana Benduga, COO

Freedom Township

It has been our experience with specialists, that they are always friendly and on hand whenever i have a question. We as clients feel that the specialists have assisted us exceedingly well during our conversations!

– Lisa Edmundson

Altoona Area School District

They help us deliver the highest quality benefit service to AASD Employees. As the Benefit Coordinator, when I have questions from employees, or if unique situations arise that require more specific clarification and extra support, Preferred Benefit Specialists are available to assist us, whenever we need them.

– Anne Marie Longwill

McDonald’s Franchise

We’ve been working with Maureen, Brian and their staff for several years. We own a McDonald’s franchise which presents unique insurance challenges due to our turnover rate. Preferred’s staff are incredibly knowledgeable about the ever-changing health insurance industry. They provide us with our options and suggestions for unique and new ways to provide the best coverage at the best prices for our employees. Once we commit to a plan, their support for enrollment procedures is excellent. They go the extra mile to make the process as easy as possible for us. And, they are always available to answer our questions and provide support throughout the year. We enjoy working with Preferred and highly recommend their services.

– Heather Harrington, Owner

Cisney & O’Donnell

Maureen has been a long-standing and very important asset to the success of our business for a long time. She is a really sincere and caring professional. We have had a long and trusting relationship with her guidance and services for a long time. Today, that is more important than ever.

– Dennis E. Cisney, Sr., Owner